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Let's discover ABRouter.

About ABRouter

ABRouter is a open-source, written on PHP+Laravel, platform to run A/B tests and feature flags on your product. ABRouter has a high level of support of PHP and PHP frameworks: Laravel and Symfony.

You can learn more about the supported technologies on the SDK's page.

ABRouter UI

Besides, the good clients for PHP, we also have a pretty UI to manage A/B tests and feature flag.

You can start, stop, a/b tests and feature flags there, track the statistics and just enjoy it.

Using locally or cloud

We highly recommend you the pros&cons of using ABRouter locally and as the cloud solution before deploying it. Learn more about how to deploy ABRouter.

Getting started

The first thing you need to do - sign up on the ABRouter. Then, you can to create experiment or feature flag.

After creating experiment or feature flag, please learn more about the process of releasing it for release managers or team-leads:

Process of setting up the experiment

Process of setting up the feature flag

We hope it will explain a lot. Additionally, we are recommending to read the cautions for developers.